Monday, April 18, 2011

'Bobby Fischer Against the World' at NC's Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

Full Frame Film Festival: Bobby Fischer Against the World | New Raleigh:

Image via Collider

Liz Garbus' film helps to fill in some of the puzzle pieces of Fischer's troubled life. After beating Spassky for the Championship, Fischer became even more withdrawn from friends and family. He found religion in a fundamentalist Christian church, only to lash out at them when one of their doomsday predictions failed to come true. He became a recluse, losing his Championship by forfeit when he refused to defend it, and only coming out of retirement in 1992 for a rematch against Spassky in war-torn Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, Yugoslavia was embargoed at that time and Fischer knew it. As a result he spent the rest of his life as a fugitive outside the United States. 
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