Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Groupon Deal Alert: $8 large Domino's pizza with up to ten toppings

Sometimes, the craving strikes and I just want Domino's. Tomorrow, Weds. 4/20/2011, Groupon is going to be running a Domino's deal that you can access using the Groupon box in this post or over in the sidebar to the right →

It may not look pretty ...

If you're planning on getting that large 'za, the benefit of using the link from here to do it is I get a small cut which, should I ever accumulate enough scratch to fund the idea, I would use to run a giveaway promotion for the site that would reward a lucky reader with a Kindle. 

(Full disclosure, at the rate I'm going, assuming Amazon regularly lowers the price, and I continue to only see a few pennies every year as a result of T-Shirt sales [whoa, really is time to retire the Triptych Cryptic shirt and make a cryptonaut-in-exile design!], this contest might be fully funded ... long after I am dead.)

So, anyways, I'm thinking of a bacon, spinach, black olive, onion, and bacon pizza. What are you having?

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