Monday, April 25, 2011

Studio 60 Twitter Streams

Read the Studio 60 Twitter Streams You Didn’t Know You Wanted -- Vulture:

These Twitter streams are hilarious, but they're written by and for people who still have a solid functioning familiarity with the show, which makes this the perfect opportunity to define a new term: Studio 60, v.: to obsessively collect knowledge about a subject so that one may better ridicule it; to pursue with the passion of fandom, but instead of seeking joy, seeking only a deeper understanding of one's disappointment.
My love of Sorkin shows is strong. But now I want someone to do a Sports Night version of this.

And there's even a Doctor Who reference!

@PaulScheer Nice running into you. I'll have to check out the new Dr. Who. I remember it fondly from PBS. Curious to see how it's evolved.Mon Apr 25 21:24:05 via Echofon

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