Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Best New Blogs of 2010

Best New Blogs of 2010 « The Bygone Bureau

Quick reactions:
Mediagazer didn't do anything for me. No action taken.
The Opinionator had a mix of interesting posts when I landed. History and current events. Added the feed to my reader.
Uvula wasn't for me. No action taken.
Pitchfork Reviews Reviews, now metareviews are a thing I used to do for Triptych Cryptic, so I visited eagerly. Read several posts and they weren't metareviews. They weren't terrible for what they were. I like the voice, actually, but not enough to sludge through the longer posts without starting to skim around. This is one I might check out again later, but I'm not adding it to my reader now.
Fuckyeahmenswear should have made me laugh or smirk more, but I liked it enough to put the feed in a trial folder. It didn't seem to have a feed, I'm not joining tumblr to follow it, and I'm not going to try one of the ways to fake a feed for it, so I'm forgetting about it.
Wonder-Tonic almost didn't get a look when I saw it was on tumblr. After visiting the last blog on tumblr I thought, "Why bother? Even if I like it, I'm still not joining tumblr so, forget it."  But, I looked anyways and it has a feed, and it looked pretty good. So I added it.

The rest will have to wait for another day ...
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