Saturday, July 18, 2015

#DoctorWho Blog Them All Progress Check - Summer 2015

It's been about a year since I checked my progress on blogging about all the televised Doctor Who stories. August of 2014, I was 68% complete after "Deep Breath" had aired.

The blogger's tools of the trade.
(Not pictured: hundreds of DVDs, the About Time books, all the Sandifer books on the kindle ...)
Scorecard By Doctor:
Hartnell - 23 of 29 complete - 79%
Troughton - 11 of 21 complete - 52%
Pertwee - 23 of 24 complete - 96%
T. Baker - 28 of 32 complete - 88%
Davision - 18 of 20 complete - 90%
C. Baker - 5 of 11 complete - 45%
McCoy - 4 of 12 complete - 33%
McGann - 1 of 1 complete - 100%
Eccleston - 13 of 13 complete - 100%
Tennant - 35 of 47 complete - 74%
Smith - 34 of 44 complete - 77%
Capaldi - 13 of 13 complete - 100%

Overall, 208 of 265 complete, so currently at 78% complete. Not too shabby. Of course, come September there'll be new episodes coming in to keep up with while chipping away at the older ones, so I've got my work cut out for me. Had hoped I'd be through all the old episodes by now and ready to just blog as they come out. Hah! This time next summer feels like a more realistic goal to up-to-date by.

Have a few Tom Baker, Davison, and Tennant story write-ups in draft though. The wheel of progress continues to turn. The arrival of Aurora and a change at Amazon (Doctor Who longer free to download on Prime) cut into my blogging time a bit recently. I'd have knocked a bunch more out, if I hadn't decided to give The Wire another chance. Since I could download those without additional charge, they filled up the kindle for my recent trip to New Hampshire; once I got hooked, I had to keep going ... 

Doesn't help that Who is on TV so often now either, ironically. Public TV is showing Pertwee stories as "The Pertwee Movies" Saturdays late afternoon, then Tennant stories at night. DisneyXD, which my kids frequently have on, shows Tennant stories all the time. So I'm watching DW, quite a bit, but lately I'm seeing a bunch that I've already blogged! (And my PBS station won't be showing "Planet of the Spiders," the one Pertwee I need, for months and months. Netflix tells me they don't know when they'll have it back in stock, so they moved out of my queue. Sigh.)

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