Thursday, July 9, 2015

New ☆ Tweet from @io9 | #DoctorWho S9 Trailer from SDCC

I am always wrong when I try to predict these things, but am once again going to predict that a mysterious female character is Susan. We'll never know, apparently, about the woman who covered her face behind Rassilon, but I guessed she was Susan. When Clara was The Impossible Girl, I guessed she would be revealed to be Susan. So, this time I'm certain our mysterious young lady played by Maisie Williams, whose character is known to the Doctor, must certainly be Susan!

Watch this space for the next time a mysterious female is introduced and I predict, yet again, that she will turn out to be Susan.

We're all chattering about the trailer, the classic and new baddies, but the most intriguing thing in there may be the shot of the Doctor playing electric guitar. We know Capaldi has some punk rock cred from his time with Craig Ferguson in the Dreamboys. Ten wanted to go see Ian Dury and the Blockheads. There is no reason the Doctor couldn't fill in for, oh say, Steve Brookes, if the Jam needed a guitar player for a gig.

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