Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pedro Martinez humbled to have No. 45 retired

Pedro Martinez humbled to have No. 45 retired |

Pedro identifies player he would have had woken up, so he could drill him in the ass.
"To actually have a number retired in one of the teams in the big leagues, your number retired forever, so your number is going to be there on an everyday basis and on a yearly basis, it's a great honor," Martinez said. "I'm extremely humbled and extremely proud to have my number retired."
Mr. Martinez is very much about respect and being respected. This weekend in Cooperstown, and next week in Boston, he will be paid the highest honors his sport and his team can bestow upon him.

The man has earned it. No doubt. Especially after he was denied a high honor during his career. The 1999 MVP? Yes, that too. But I meant how, had he not gone to a New York team after leaving the Red Sox, my son's middle name would've been Pedro. I feel a little bit sad about how let my disgust for the Mets influence my decision. But, it's not like Pedro would've ever known even if I had, so I won't go to the grave haunted by my failure as an MVP voter like a couple of sports writers who completely failed their duty.

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