Saturday, September 8, 2012

A revolutionary war veteran with no patience for Confederate rebels ...

Father Waldo's America -

Daniel Waldo, aged 102.
Sleep eluded the clergyman Daniel Waldo during the eve of his 100th birthday on Sept. 10, 1862. The former chaplain of the House of Representatives tossed and turned in bed at his home in Syracuse, lost in thought. What kept him awake were not reflections on his past, but concerns about the future of the Republic. Waldo had lived long enough to know firsthand that the leaders of the Southern rebellion were in deadly earnest, for he himself was once a rebel.
Neat aside: the house Father Waldo was born in still stands in Scotland, CT.

The Waldo Homestead
(click picture to visit Historic Buildings of CT)

I'm not a fan of the congressional chaplaincy, but the history is intriguing nonetheless.

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