Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Any North Carolina Libertarians planning to hold their nose and vote Romney interested in a vote pairing arrangement?

handshake agreement

As a registered Democrat prepared to vote Obama, but who'd rather vote for Jill Stein, I'm wondering if there's any registered Republican with Libertarian leanings who's declared their intention to vote for Romney, but would rather vote Gary Johnson?

If so, we should talk.

Vote pairing isn't so unusual. However, it looks like the sites that used to facilitate this process have gone offline so we'd have to come to a gentleman's agreement. I've been open and direct about my intent to vote Obama in 2012, and did vote for him in 2008. But, if I could be satisfied that someone on the right with the equivalent dilemma, who's already on record either on a blog, on twitter, or somewhere reasonably verifiable as planning to vote for Romney, I'd be willing to vote for Jill Stein if that person would vote someone other than Romney.

NC is, I think, going to end up going Romney anyways. There are some recent polls that have Obama taking the lead back here; but, Nate Silver currently has NC 68.9% likely to go for Romney. If we were dark red, I wouldn't offer the pairing, I'd just vote Stein. Same if the state were dark blue. I dread the prospect of this state going Romney in a close count though, so I'll need to trust the integrity of any prospective partner in this operation. It'd probably take a few conversations, or a really good one over a beer, before I'd commit to the scheme.

Let me know here in the comments or on Schemer.

Has anyone else on the left considered this, or heard of anyone else in a swing/close-to-being-a-swing state trying to make a similar arrangement?

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