Saturday, September 1, 2012

Area man fearlessly informs local free newspaper his self-published militaristic adventure novels stack up with the most popular novels since Harry Potter.

Wade believes “Invasion USA” would make a great movie or even television series. But before that can ever happen he needs to start gaining more public recognition, a very difficult task for an independent author. 
“The easiest part of the process is the actual writing,” said Wade. “The hardest part is trying to promote it. (“Invasion USA”) is as good as “The Hunger Games” or “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The only difference is that people don’t know I exist. But it is coming. People are starting to learn about my books.”
As good as Fifty Shades, you say? You're leaving yourself lots of room to suck there, my man.

Now, I'm still waiting on my first copy of The Hunger Games to free up at the local library, but I gather from friends that have read the books that they're very entertaining; so, here he's stacking himself up against some pretty hefty competition that he seems to be lumping in with glorified Twilight fanfic in a cavalier way that could, I say could, make the reader fearful he can't tell the difference between competently executed YA adventure fiction and one of the most incompetently executed dream journal-esque prose dumps ever self-published. The peril there is we might then distrust his assessment of his own books. Just saying.

Here's a snippet that is full of what, I trust, is necessary to the story detail about a character landing a small aircraft ... and not the author just dumping everything he knows from personal experience about flying small aircraft:

Hmm. There's a "dark, stormy night" in there that feels an awful lot like playing with fire ...

In any event, here's wishing Mr. Wade all the success in the world. I'd love to be out promoting my own series of (unwritten) novels, truth be told, and will be watching with interest to see if this series bucks the odds and takes off. And, doesn't get confused with the other Invasion USAs out there.

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