Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Food Truck Thursday! @Sympathy4Deli

Another first for me, today I'm trying Sympathy for the Deli ...

Sympathy for the Deli
Sympathy for the Deli truck
Looking over the menu, there are a bunch of things I want to try. When I see a Reuben, I almost always get the Reuben. The BLT is a buck twenty-five cheaper and could be used as justification to get two sides. It'll have to be a game time decision made after checking to see if there are any specials on the board. 

Peakles ("spicy, pickled sugar snap peas") look intriguing, but herb-rubbed kettle chips sound like an excellent sandwich complement as well. Wanting to try both on a budget is making me lean towards the BLT. Decisions, decisions ...

... And I went with the Reuben.  BLT wasn't on the menu today. A few of pickled pea pods came on the side of my chips, so I still got to sample both sides. Good stuff. I'll spare you my usual OMG TEN DOLLARS FOR LUNCH! griping because you've heard it all before. It is what it is, right? Relative to the other food trucks I've been trying lately, I think this one may have delivered the most value for the buck.

I used to like my Reubens heavy: heavy with butter in the bread, heavy on the dressing, heavy on the swiss, and good-n-greasy pastrami. These days, not so much. I was quite happy with my lean-ish pastrami (could've been a little pepperier for my taste, but I don't imagine anyone would be disappointed with it), the rye flavorful and lightly grilled. Overall, it was a well-balanced Reuben that hit the spot. The herbed chips were tasy and the peakles were a nice change of pace, but I was fine with the sample size.

Reuben, chips, and a few peakles.

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