Friday, September 14, 2012

The Tao of Ping Pong

Playing Ping Pong in China: Profiles: GQ

Ping-pong would be my salvation. It would not only help me meet Chinese people, it would earn me their respect. Whereas in the U.S. ping-pong enjoys about the same esteem as dodgeball, China puts its champions on prime time. I'd prove I was more than just a big-nosed idiot foreigner—I was a big-nosed idiot foreigner who could excel at a sport they revere. If ping-pong could make Chinese people like Nixon, I just might have a shot, too.
Side notes:
The Tao of Pong is actually the name of a movie. Go figure.
Blazing Paddles was the Backyardigans take on Ping Pong action.
Jim McPherson plays a mean game in the Kim Stanley Robinson's The Gold Coast.
Of course, there's Christopher Walken in Balls of Fury.
Yes, yes, Forrest Gump. Others gathered here as well.
Dang, I missed the chance to watch this documentary.
Susan Sarandon, cougar of the ping pong world?!

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