Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Round Yon Virgin"

Support Christian Porn, Let's Purify Porn:

The Christian Porn Framework
Only married couples engaging in sexual acts. All sexual partners in a Christian porn production are husband and wife, both on and off screen. All actors are married in real life and portray married couples on-screen. The depiction is their having sex with only their wedded spouses.

All sex is portrayed within the context of a Christian marriage. It is apparent through the actions, behaviors, and speech of the characters portrayed that they are Christian, lead a Christian lifestyle, and have a marriage in which their faith is central. This is depicted in a variety of ways, with scenes showing a couple praying together, studying the Bible, attending church or church functions, and generally relating to one another as loving Christian spouses outside of the bedroom.
You can read descriptions of movies, buy merchandise, and email for free clips. This has to be a joke, right? It just looks so ... earnest.

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