Friday, February 3, 2012

Gordie "Mr. Hockey" Howe's Battle with Dementia

Gordie Howe's Fight With Dementia Becomes Personal, Public:

Gordie Howe via SI Vault

Howe's stamina and power were legendary during his 33 seasons of pro hockey. Physically, he's doing well for a man about to turn 84 in March. His sons say Howe likes to do household chores and go fishing, one of his favorite pastimes. 
"He's still Mr. Hockey and that's what is so great because he's just such a pleasure to have around," Murray said. "He'll wake up first thing in the morning and there's a bunch of leaves outside and he'll rake for three hours. He's so pleasant and upbeat. 
"When he first started showing signs of memory loss, we were concerned it was Alzheimer's and it was just going to go downhill."
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