Friday, February 3, 2012

#FF The complex brillignorance of @rare_basement

Embedding a bunch here because I don't think any one tweet does her justice. These are all from this past weekend and taken together tell a story ...

dear Goodreads friends, no i haven't forgotten about the site. i've just stopped reading.Sun Jan 29 21:40:14 via Twitter for Android

this inhaler makes my phlegm taste extra badSun Jan 29 19:33:41 via Twitter for Android

@SPERGERS i said already today i honestly dont know shit about shit, that includes everythingSun Jan 29 19:30:26 via Twitter for Android

came outside for a cigarette break and my car is surrounded with chicken bones??? w t fSun Jan 29 19:02:35 via Twitter for Android

wearing my INSPECTOR SPACETIME shirt today because i am cool and also an adultSun Jan 29 17:36:15 via Twitter for Android

just remembered the other day/week when my son called the mcdonalds arches the SIGN OF THE CLOWNSun Jan 29 17:28:49 via Twitter for Android

... maybe it's a fucked up story; but, if it weren't for accounts like this one, I'd have abandoned twitter a long time ago.

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