Saturday, February 4, 2012

The (Predictable) Tragedy Of Allen Iverson

The Tragedy Of Allen Iverson -

His aging body needed a nuanced game that he hadn't picked up. His ego needed to be commensurate with his diminishing skills to find a place. And he needed to see, clearly, that he was losing basketball, which was the linchpin that held together everything he had. 
Now, it's gone. So are his wife and family and, apparently, much of his money. He's no longer a star, not even at the Atlanta watering holes he frequents. We only hear about him when the cops are impounding his Lamborghini or creditors are beating down his door. After being so much, good and bad, to so many, Allen Iverson is a 36-year-old retiree. He is a nobody.
I wonder if he'll ever think back on the soundbite he's best known for, "Practice?! We're talking about practice?!" and decide practice might have been good for him. Maybe bought him another year or two in the league? Maybe a work ethic would have helped him value the fortune earned and, evidently, squandered before it was too late.

Can you imagine earning the kind of money he did, from salary and endorsements, only to blow it all?

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