Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is there anything whinier on the face of the Earth than a theist who is not, but imagines he is, persecuted?

The Conscience of an Institution | Hullabaloo:
After all, the religious institutions have one very special privilege: they pay no taxes, unlike their followers, who are required to pay for many things they disagree with. Apparently, that isn't enough, however. The Church wants to pay no taxes and be exempt from the costs of living in a pluralistic society. Sweet deal. 
People are getting very confused on this issue. We ostensibly believe in rights and liberties in America and have a set of rules in our constitution guaranteeing them. But lately, we've decided that these phony constructs of institutional rights and liberties --- "corporate personhood","conscience of the church" --- actually supercede individual rights and liberties. I don't mean to evoke the sacred founders here, but I'm afraid they would say that idea is, in their words, total bullshit.
This is in response to recent whining about DHS guidelines mandating Catholic institutions require health coverage, including birth control, to employees. Not mandating that Catholics use birth control, mind you, not telling any individual they have to do anything against their conscience (unlike all of us who oppose unjust wars and torture yet are forced to support with the taxes we pay, by the way), simply mandating employers practice fairness in dealing with their employees.

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