Saturday, May 14, 2011

Echoes of Byron in the Gaiman-penned Doctor Who tonight?

Auntie got to select an arm (the other one, not pictured).

The Corsair by George Gordon Lord Byron:
... And unto ears as rugged seem'd a song!
In scatter'd groups upon the golden sand,
They game-carouse-converse-or whet the brand:
Select the arms-to each his blade assign,
And careless eye the blood that dims its shine.
Repair the boat, replace the helm or oar,
While others straggling muse along the shore:
For the wild bird the busy springes set,
Or spread beneath the sun the dripping net:
Gaze where some distant sail a speck supplies
With all the 'thirsting eve of Enterprise ...
Probably a stretch, but still, a character called 'The Corsair' ...

As for the early reviews ...

The A.V. Club  gives it a stamp approval for many of the same reasons I enjoyed it, this was a chance to play with the relationship between The Doctor and the TARDIS, flesh it out, as it were, and it was nicely done. Someone in the comments beat me to pointing out the similarities to "The Brain of Morbius," one of my all-time favorites.

Sepinwall's review doesn't, I think, take into account past references to the TARDIS being a living thing, or at least having a soul/sentience; however, the point that this was an intriguing, if not original, way of exploring the relationship between the lonely Time Lord and his only permanent companion comes across clearly here as well.

I've seen nothing but effusive praise on Twitter, where fans (it seems to me) might be trying to shine Gaiman's knob a bit in hopes of an @ reply. I've also seen some muted, underwhelmed responses that I totally get. I enjoyed the episode, but wasn't blown away by it, and I'd secretly hoped I would be. I do think it's one that will hold up well and perhaps gain from repeated viewing.
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