Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tornado Dog Crawls Home on Broken Legs (But, you can't go home again ...)

Tornado Dog Crawls Home on Broken Legs - But home is crushed, family can't care for him:

A still-happy pup blown away by an Alabama tornado last month managed to crawl on two broken legs back home, where his family found him this week wagging his tail on their front porch. Terrier-mix Mason completely snapped his two front legs, but managed painstaking travel on his doggie 'elbows.' Mason's injuries were deemed the 'most dramatic' of any dog survivor seen so far in the devastating southern tornadoes. Sadly, his family couldn't take him back because their home was crushed by the storm.
Happily, a benefactor has put Mason up at a local animal shelter. 
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