Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We can handle the truth(s).

Pluralist Theories of Truth (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy):

Veritas. (via)

The plausibility of theories of truth has often been observed to vary, sometimes extensively, across different domains or regions of discourse. Because of this variance, the problems internal to each such theory become salient as they overgeneralize. A natural suggestion is therefore that not all (declarative) sentences in all domains are true in exactly the same way. Sentences in mathematics, morals, comedy, chemistry, politics, and gastronomy may be true in different ways, if and when they are ever true. ‘Pluralism about truth’ names the thesis that there is more than one way of being true.
Why it's better to be a reader now than it was when I was a kid: as new entries are written for something as exciting and important as the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, they show up in my preferred news aggregator; when they are longer reads than I want to sit at my computer for, I can simply click a button to have them sent immediately and without cost to my preferred e-reader. No waiting for a book to publish, or a magazine to print, and then to lay hands on a physical copy from the library or a bookstore. Bing, bang, boom, there it is. This current generation of students, unless they are the laziest sacks of shit to ever troll the earth, will be the best and brightest ... until the next.


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