Thursday, March 29, 2012

A glimpse into the inner workings of my mind ...

The Dingus
Yesterday, I was presented with a 'traveling trophy' at work. (For Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence, if you must know.) It's a crystal globe thing-a-ma-bob, fairly heavy for it's size. As I accepted it, my mind flashed to an image of Captain Jacobi, fresh from San Francisco docks where his ship, all afire, was still being extinguished, bringing the Falcon to Spade's office. The only thing I could think was, "Oh no, I can't remember the name of Jacobi's ship off the top of my head! I need to read and watch The Maltese Falcon again, ASAP!" [Don't worry. If you've forgotten too, I've hidden it behind the spoiler barrier below ... ]

The Maltese Falcon
Image Trees for Lunch
I only read Trees's masthead and saw the post I borrowed this image from after taking a copy of it. Good grief, that's some wingnuttia going on there.

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