Friday, March 16, 2012

#Duke losing to #Lehigh is schadenfreudeliscious.

ANIMATED/PHOTOS: This Is What It Looks Like When Duke Loses To Lehigh - From Our Editors -

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Duke's loss to Lehigh in the 2012 NCAA Tournament was not necessarily "one of the all-time shockers" -- heck, Missouri's loss to Norfolk State hours earlier may have been more shocking -- but it may set new records on the Internet Schadenfreude Meter.
A few hours earlier, Missouri lost to 15th seeded Norfolk State, which was also pretty exciting. But, there's nothing like an ignominious Duke defeat as a soothing balm on the wound of a UConn loss in their first game.

As I write this Detroit is hanging with Kansas well into the first half of their game, and Michigan State is not exactly running away from LIU. Doubt another 'dog will win, but I'll be watching all the same.

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