Saturday, March 17, 2012

NC State rep./amateur sociologist conducting twitter research on bigotry? Or, just a bigot? You decide. #tcot

"People, it's just research! I'm a scientist!" - State Rep. Torbett (R)

State Representative John Torbett had a flurry of comments Thursday afternoon after he reposted a picture that had President Barack Obama in a white turban. 
The president was among former commander-in-chiefs in a picture collage titled "American Presidents in Uniform." 
Torbett took down the post, but not before it generated both support and criticism that it was insensitive. On Friday, Torbett expressed his regrets about reposting the picture. 
"I was trying to gauge response, and inevitably, I got some,” he said.

Rep. John Torbett posts pic of POTUS in turban on FB, claims to be seeking feedback. He got plenty. #ncga. #ncpolSat Mar 17 04:10:05 via TweetDeck

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