Friday, June 10, 2011

Tracy Morgan Blasted for Anti-Gay 'Kill Rant'

'30 Rock' Comedian Tracy Morgan Blasted for Anti-Gay 'Kill Rant'

Tracy Jordan via Newser

Tracy Morgan is facing serious heat for a violently homophobic diatribe he allegedly made at a stand-up show last Friday. According to an audience member’s account of the rant, the comedian said that if his son was gay, he’d stab him to death. For years, Morgan has said sexuality is a choice; at the show, he said that was true because “God don’t make no mistakes.”
I'm reluctant to weigh in without knowing the context, and I can't read the source facebook post here at work. What a comedian says on stage during a comedy show could be "in character," and perhaps meant to portray that character as an ignorant, bigoted asshole. So, knowing only what I can read at Newser, I think either Tracy Jordan or "Tracy Jordan" is an ignorant, bigoted asshole. I guess we'll find out more later. I think he's hilarious on 30 Rock, but I won't look at him the same way again if this turns out to be an accurate representation of his views.
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