Thursday, December 14, 2000

You're Going To Get What You Deserve

Last night's speeches struck me odd. Gore seemed drunk. Like he was about to bust out laughing. "You suckers are gonna get what you deserve!" Bush was just his usual smug, two-faced self. I wanted ralph as he, of all people, talked about common sense and civility. His speech would have been fine if he had meant even one single word of it. Boy, he had NBC's Russert snowed though. Ol' Tim (sans his election night whiteboard) was impressed by the Shrub's sincerity. I want to play poker with Russert so my progeny can go to college on his dime. And how about Brokaw summing up the Shrub's business career like he's some sort of business genius who decided to go into politics to do some good. Funny how Brokaw failed the mention the track record of the businesses with which he was involved ... and his insider trading. There goes that "liberal media" again.
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