Friday, December 1, 2000

Bennett Out At UW

I'm a little behind the curve, but I just saw where Dick Bennett stepped down the other day from the UW basketball coaching job due to exhaustion. I'm not a fan of Big 10 basketball in general, or Wisconsin basketball in particular, but getting that team to the Final Four last year (was it last year, jimminee they are flying by, aren't they?) was an amazing accompishment. More than any other team, it was (though Badger fans may be loathe to concede it) coaching that got them that far. They hardly had a team you would call "exciting," or "atheletic," or "good." Sure they didn't "shoot well," or "score much," or "look pretty," or "generate excitement," or "bathe regularly," but somehow ... in defiance of all reason, they made it to the Final Four.
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