Sunday, December 10, 2000

Clobberin' Time

The Huskies were like the The Thing this weekend; it was clobberin' time!

-The men's b-ball squad took care of #5 Arizona before a raucous crowd at Gampel, 71-69. What a fun game to watch, though CBS took their sweet-ass time about it when the Illini went to OT against the Hall. I know, the refs blew the goaltending call, but still, it would've gone to OT and nobody but nobody was gonna stop Johnnie Selvie! That kid was awesome. I posted earlier a lament about how it seemed unlikely the Huskies would have a Ray Allen/Rip Hamilton type this year ... it turns out they may have to superstars in Selvie and Caron Butler.

-The women got Geno his 400th victory today by stomping the Lady Illini. They are so, so good it's frightening ... and they are playing without a center! When Schumacher comes back their average margin of victory should increase from 30+ to 40+ points per game.

-I don't care much about soccer. Who does? But, as long as I'm celebrating the blue and white, the men's soccer team took the national title today.
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