Tuesday, December 5, 2000

A Note From A Reader

The following is an e-mail I received from one of our readers who challenged my "stones." As he suggests, I am passing on his thoughts. He didn't indicate whether he wanted his name attached, so I will append his email under the name "Al." Thanks for writing "Al."

All right, enough of this communist manifesto. Seems that you & your other running dog lackeys have nothing better to do than to rip into poor dubyuh. Your post on Triptych Cryptic refers to the following: "Man, we're not going to have any readers left if the rest of the collective doesn't start posting about something interesting ..." Time to get a clue HuskieFan...it's not the lack of collective posting but rather the lack of impartiality. Oh sure, I see where you & your ilk are pissed off that dubyuh may be the next person in charge but think of it another way - do you really see where there will be a noticeable difference if we have one person as president over another? Personally, I don't care who it the next prez - after all, with the Senate & House pretty much 50/50 and as close as the race was neither one will have a mandate to do much of anything anyway.

Now, as far as the vote counting is concerned...correct me if I'm wrong, but Gore is only going after the votes in those counties where he thinks the count will lean towards him (primarily democratic counties). If he's so concerned that the vote was accurate, why not have a recount in all counties in Florida? [Gore, I recall, did suggest this and Dubya came out against the idea. -- c-dog] For that matter, why not a recount in all counties in the US? Sure, he won the general election by 200,000 votes but when you consider 2.1 million votes were declared ineligible for one reason or another, then the popular vote could swing dubyuh's way also.

The thing that chaffs me the most is what the election has all come down to -- 7 figure lawyers telling us who should be President & why. The people that started building bomb shelters, stockpiling food & ammo and declaring the world was coming to an end last year with Y2K had the right idea - they were only off by a year.

So Chris, if you've got the stones go ahead & post this to Triptych Cryptic. In fact, if you're looking for more viewer interchange since you don't have the 'chat room' perhaps you might want to interject this in a future posting.
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