Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NC man's obit urges readers to reject Hillary Clinton

NC man's obituary urges readers to reject Hillary Clinton :: WRAL.com:
A North Carolina man's obituary asked two things of friends and family: instead of sending flowers for the funeral, give the money to charity. And don't vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016.
Because of the politics, I react to this with a Massive Eye Roll. Thanks, NC Man & Family, for giving us another headline to read in the national news next to more-nefarious-than-usual redistricting and a pregnant woman being shot to death.

But, honestly, I think this is great. By all means, use the obituary to crack wise and share something about yourself and what you believe. We regular folk don't get many chances to experess ourselves in the newspaper. Sure, there's the internet and blogging for that, but your community's paper of record is more august platform than your twitter. Who are we to deny you that last howl from your deathbed?  I applaud this family for honoring their departed loved one with a bit of cheek.

When I go out, I hope my obituary will speak to more than just my birth date and name those survived me.

P.S. To the family of Mr. Upright, you'll be glad to know I plan to vote for a candidate to the left of Hillary Clinton.

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