Sunday, April 5, 2015

Don't dare brag about winning a Hugo until that mess is fixed.

I keep up with Doctor Who, a few other shows, and Kim Stanley Robinson. Went to a con this year for the first time in decades, but am still largely insulated from the politics of sci-fi. If you'd asked me, cold, as late as yesterday, I'd have had no idea there was any controversy around the Hugo Awards. Just not on my radar. So I'm glad there folks making sure the rest of us know what's going on before we celebrate, say, a win for "Listen."

(Never saw before either, so revealing all kinds of unawareness today. If all publicity is good publicity, there's a way to prevent linking to vile sites, for purposes of pointing out their villainy, from benefiting them.)

There's no honor in winning an award rigged by #SadPuppies. Under these circumstances, and with apologies to those voting in good conscience, I'll be disappointed in any Hugo winner that accepts or acknowledges the award -- unless it's to say, "You know what, we're good. Keep it."

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