Friday, November 2, 2012

The closest thing I have to a pilgrimage? The way I keep going back to the Twain House in Hartford ...

The curious case of the Sherlock pilgrims

Forget Mecca or the Wailing Wall,
Reichenbach Falls is where it's at.
What is going on in Meiringen, I now realise, is that by dressing up and performing strange rituals on mountainsides, some human beings are expressing their need for an everyman redeemer, who is nonetheless convincingly particular, while other human beings are enjoying an absurdly pointless race in “support” of a “brand” whose “values” cannot in any real sense be said to exist except in the minds of its marketing managers. What is going on in Meiringen is what is always going on: in variously mad ways, we’re busy being human.
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