Monday, November 5, 2012

Experimental audio post. Plus: why I'm off facebook for a couple days ...

Yeah, the problem is Communists ... errr ...
Democrats are trying to vote, right Mr. West? 
First, I want to try this thing where I record myself exasperated by NPR coverage of Florida early voting. I recorded myself basically scolding the radio to preserve the immediacy. So yeah, it's rough. But, neither loud nor profane. For a change.

Why a crab? NPR made me a crabby -- I know, I know -- and, more to the point, blogger doesn't allow mp3 files in posts, but they do allow videos. So, hastily select a photo from the hard drive and slap the audio on it in Movie Maker and presto ... there you have it.

About facebook ... yeah, I'm muting so many Romney supporters, and so tempted to unfriend/block/report people for being complete morons -- what do you mean that's not a reportable offense? -- that I'm afraid I won't be able to control my temper. It's easier to talk to you folks here on my soapbox where I'm easier for you to ignore ... and I don't have to worry burning bridges.

Win or lose tomorrow, I just want to keep above the fray over there.

Are you as depressed by your association with Romney supporters -- assuming you have at least one close family member or friend so afflicted -- as I am with mine?

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