Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night 2012: The presidential election is firming up ...

  • NH for Obama (I'm disappointed this was close, but it's another correct battleground pick for me.)
NH and WI going blue really narrows Romney's path. He's basically got no chance now. If the characterization of the remaining counting in Florida as being in Democratic strongholds is correct, it's basically over. 

This last batch of closings at the 10 o'clock ET hour doesn't have a lot of interest for me. Watching the Baldwin/Thompson race, the Tester/Rehberg race and waiting to see calls for NC, VI, OH, and FL. One of those will come soon. They won't make us wait all night ... will they?

Here's a call:
  • MO Senate - McCaskill (D) defeates Akin(R) -- LOLOLOL Tea Party idiots, suck it.
That means I'm 7 for 8 in predictions. Not too bad.

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