Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night 2012: Too early to assess all the picks ...

... but so far I'm 5 for 6. Admittedly, these were some of the less difficult picks that I had relatively high confidence in:
  • MI for Obama
  • WI for Obama
  • PA for Obama (Romney and  was deluded to think he could steal this one.)
  • CT Senate - Murphy (D) defeated McMahon (R) 
  • MA Senate - Warren (D) defeated Brown (R) -- Woot!
  • IN Senate - Donnelly (D) defeated Mourdock (R) -- Excellent! I got it wrong but what a relief!
That Warren call just came in and bolstered my spirits. That is a key win for progressives.

And even more recently, I'm wrong on Mourdock, who I thought Hoosiers might straight-party vote in along with Romney. 

Based on early returns, it looks like I'm going be wrong on NC (which was my boldest pick for Obama) and FL (where I thought Rick Scott would manage to scumbag a narrow victory for Romney). As much as this would damage my predictor credibility, it's a better outcome than I'd dare to hope for.

I'm thinking some of these 'too close to calls' will start getting called soon so going to break from typing and let a few play out ... 

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