Friday, October 26, 2012


NC Early Voter
Yours Truly, A Voter.

My votes are cast; so, my Green for your Libertarian vote offer is officially withdrawn.

I voted for Barack Obama, not entirely without misgivings, but preferring a drone-crazed, Guantanamo-maintaining incumbent to a magical underpants-wearing, serial liar who - I suspect - would be even more drone-crazed and torture-prone than the current guy, on top of being markedly worse when it comes to ... well, everything.

I didn't realize Jill Stein wasn't even on the ballot here in NC; I would have had to write her in if I'd been taken up. That's a shame. The Libertarian candidate was on the ballot. Libertarians had candidates in several races here in NC, as a matter of fact. When government hating ideological fantasists are better at mobilizing their supporters than you are, it's a pretty clear sign there's a lot of work to do.

I voted the non-partisan races based on a perusal of all the candidates websites, reporting on their campaigns in the regular media,  and the endorsements of our local independent newspaper. An easier way to arrive at the same result would have been to take the pamphlet from the conservative knucklehead handing them out to those of us line and simply voting against each one supported by Republicans.

That Republican volunteer, by the way, was annoying and misinformed compared to the Democratic volunteer -- who was slightly annoying herself in complaining about the length of the line and asking if anybody knew if the line was shorter one town over. Still, the Republican guy, by dint of loudly, snidely wishing that Pat McCrory were Governor already so people would have to present ID to vote, was the much worse headache.

Funnily enough, he made his opinion clear when asked by someone who had accepted his voter guide if ID was required. He basically told one of his side's voters that he wished he could turn her away. At least he was consistent in the application of his rigid ideological purity in support of disenfranchisement.

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