Sunday, October 14, 2012

TV Lists of the Moment

5 Trending TV Shows In My House

With Doctor Who off until the xmas special, Louie on hiatus until 2014, and most of the new shows and new seasons of existing shows a couple episodes deep, it seemed liked a good time to document the ones that are getting their hooks in me. With the exception of number one in the list, any of the others could still fall out of favor if they drop off any at all from what I've seen so far. But, they've drawn me in enough to have me planning to watch the next episode.

The League's Ruxin & Andre share a post-stroke, hospital room bonding moment. 
  1. The League - It's not pushing any creative envelopes, this isn't Louie folks, but for balls out hilarity, this profane live action version of an Adult Swim cartoon for the fantasy football crowd is ace.
  2. Arrow - Everybody knows superhero shows are just soap operas for dudes, right? The fact that this one is bringing in John Barrowman tells me it knows what it is and plans to deliver. Don't bother me while I'm watching my stories. 
  3. Elementary - CBS, predictably, has CBS-ified Sherlock which, I know, is not a good thing. But, it's a watchable thing that serves as kind of a lowbrow pacifier for those of us jonesing for our middlebrow dose of the seven percent solution.  
  4. Person of Interest - Amy Acker. I trust she'll be back soon, because without Acker, I'm not sure I can put much more time into this. 
  5. The Rachel Maddow Up With Chris Hayes Last Word Melissa Harris-Perry Ed Show Politics Nation Hardball Bloc of Partisan Pizzazzery - It's Election Season. Short of a functional Fourth Estate, the partisans on this side of the cultural divide satisfy my need for a political fix because they at least do some reporting, feel some degree of commitment to the truth, and at least aren't the most detestable of newscreatures: the self-important, false equivalency breathing fucknuts who pretend there's any kind of merit to the blatantly oligarchical blizzard of lies that pass for conservative thinking. 

Shows That Are Not Trending, But Might Have

  1. Last Resort - It sounded like an intriguing premise and has Andre Braugher in it to boot. TV needs more Frank Pembleton. Sadly, I was completely underwhelmed by the half hour or so I tried to watch and it completely lost my attention. 
  2. Dog With A Blog - It might have had a chance with me if (it's a very big "if") it had been an FX show instead of a Disney. It's not Wilfred With A Blog, it's Good Luck, Charlie Meets A Talking Dog. My kids like it though. 6-year-olds, what are you gonna do?
  3. The Mindy Project - Perhaps only because I haven't seen it yet and forgot to set the DVR for it. Eventually I'll catch it and see if it can give established faves Community, Parks and Rec,  & 30 Rock a run.
  4. Revolution - Is anyone watching this? Should I give it another shot? 
  5. The Walking Dead - Got hooked on a marathon last year, but find myself thinking I might watch the NLCS game tonight instead. Can wait for the next marathon when this season is over, no urgency here.

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