Friday, October 5, 2012

Firefly's 15 Best Chinese Curses

Firefly's 15 Best Chinese Curses (and How to Say Them) - Topless Robot - Nerd news, humor and self-loathing.

2) The Explosive Diarrhea of an Elephant
大象爆炸式的拉肚子 ・ Da-shiang bao-tza shr duh lah doo-tze
Our penultimate entry is delivered by Mal, and once again, it draws its inspiration from the influence of Saffron. When Mal makes it clear that he's not interested in the accidental bond of wedlock he wound up in, Jayne, paragon of chivalry that he is, offers a perfectly reasonable deal. Jayne presents his most prized possession--a Callahan full-bore auto lock rifle with a customized trigger and double cartridge thorough-gage. He proposes an even swap, which by Jayne's reasoning is more than fair. This statement is Mal's assessment of Jayne's proposal, and really, who hasn't referenced explosive pachyderm feces when expressing complete incredulity? Happens to us all the time.
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