Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How did they find enough undecided voters to fill a Smart coupé, never mind an auditorium ?

Decision Makers by Christopher Hayes:

Undecided voters have lots of questions.
Image via TPM.
"These people," Jonah Goldberg once wrote of undecided voters, on a rare occasion when he probably spoke for the entire political class, "can't make up their minds, in all likelihood, because either they don't care or they don't know anything."
In fairness, I can can understand the undecided voter who is torn between voting for the relatively obscure candidate they really want, but who can't win, and the lesser of two evils. I can also see being on the fence about whether to vote at all given the deficiencies of both major party candidates. Those strike me as the only two possible reasons a person with a modicum of interest and a relatively clear mind could possibly be undecided about their vote at this point. We could imagine hypothetical situations involving being rescued from a desert island, recovery within the last four hours from coma that started during Clinton administration, and other borderline science-fictional scenarios, I suppose, but it shouldn't take more than a few minute of research on an internet connected device to make up your mind given the available information.

Goldberg has pretty much nailed it though when it comes to those undecided between Obama and Romney yet who are able to get themselves to a debate venue without the combined assistance of  a service monkey that detects frequent, massive, brain-addling strokes & buffalo-strength doses of anti-psychotics and ADD medication.

Look, I realize that if you place Obama and Romney on the graph that plots progressivism and conservatism from left to right on the x-axis, and authoritarianism and civil libertarianism from top to bottom on the y-axis, their two dots are both in the upper right quadrant; however, Obama's plot point is a bit lower than and to the left of Romney's, with a few key differences on issues -- like the future of Roe v. Wade, and what we can expect from what will almost certainly be the winner's ability to nominate one, if not two, or more, Supreme Court justices -- that can be used to distinguish them pretty clearly.

Are you undecided? What in the world are you undecided about‽ Yes, it's the interrobang. And, yes, it is warranted.

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