Thursday, August 13, 2015

New ☆ Tweet from @jljacobson | Carson campaign deathwatch starts now ...

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Update: 3:40pm

Let me be clear, in case it's not obvious, that I don't think there's a problem with scientists using fetal tissue for research. It's the hypocrisy of using fetal tissue for research, then running as a Republican, with all the anti-choice, anti-science baggage that entails. What I'm curious to see is whether the base turns against Carson, or rallies around him.

Expecting it will be the former, but won't be surprised if I'm wrong.

Main reason to suspect they'll turn on Carson, the way they didn't on the Duggars, is they could care less about pedophilia because it's happening to something other than a fetus. (Zygotes, remember, are magical soul angels that musn't be prevented from being born.)  Carson, apparently did some science with fetal tissue and that's pretty much go to make him a monster their eyes. Doesn't it?

Also, Carson is black. It must have been killing them to have to pretend they weren't scared as shit of him this long.

I haven't checked whether the #tcot crowd has weighed in yet, so off-the-cuff with these remarks. Not sure if Fox/Breitbart/Drudge has even broken the news to them yet?

First stop on the RW Nutters response to the news: Drudge Report. Hmm... They have Carson "news" on the front page, but it's not what I thought it would be. (Well, in retrospect ... )

Fox News? I went to the Politics page and found 1 reference to Carson leading polling in Iowa.

Well, I'm sure the twitterers will be all over it, even if their gatekeepers are trying to tamp down any controversy...

I scrolled to find a lot of obvious lefty tweeters using #tcot to share the news, but a curious lack of reaction. Top conservatives seem to be more interested in celebrating Jimmy Carter's cancer and imagining elaborate email conspiracies around Hillary Clinton. Go figure.

But, I did see something from Breitbart in there, so let's hop over to that raging dumpster fire. Yep, a link on the front page. The article hasn't got much comment or activity on it yet, surprising for news that broke hours ago?:

What little there is for comments is, at least at this early stage, about what I predicted. EOD's head must hurt, because he can only discuss it for an instant before veering off on the usual ACORN / Planned Parenthood vilification. Glorious Cause though, he's speaking troof to power.

Anyways, some of these GOP candidates are bound to start dropping soon. Carson, I think, just took the lead over floundering Rick Perry in the campaign death pool.

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