Saturday, June 20, 2015

TV List of the Moment (Summer 2015 edition)

Believe it or not, between episodes of Doctor Who on WUNC, WUNC-MX, BBCA, DisneyXD, and what I've got in my collection, I do watch a few other shows. The best of what I've been watching lately, in no particular order:

Black Mirror
  1. Black Mirror - It's uncomfortable, challenging viewing and I love it. I'm only three episodes in to Series 1, but it's living up to the advance billing in a big way. Raising the bar for anthology series. (Available on Netflix)
  2. Catastrophe - The rom-com isn't a genre I've got a lot of patience for, but this totally won me over. I only gave it a shot only because comic twitter genius Rob Delaney co-created and co-stars, didn't have much in terms of expectations. Totally blew me away. The thing with rom-coms is the characters in them are, generally, utterly unlikable and/or impossible to relate to as human beings. Not the case here. (Amazon original series)
  3. Daredevil - Even though it got rave reviews, I was skeptical it would do much for me. Daredevil isn't a character I care much about (spare me the Catholic guilt jokes) and I was afraid it would look shoddy being a Netflix production. While I wasn't overly impressed with the star, Charlie Cox (low-wattage charisma, and a bit on the welterweight side) he wasn't a deal-breaker, and the rest of the cast, notably Deborah Ann Woll, Vincent D'Onofrio, Elden Henson, and Rosario Dawson, crushed it. D'Onofrio's Kingpin is one of the best villains this genre has had. If not the best. He should be winning awards. Looking forward now to next series in this Defenders lead-up.  (Netflix original)
  4. Archer & Bob's Burgers - I'm late to the game on these two animated series and just getting caught up. Haven't seen a dud from either of 'em yet, both keep knocking it out of the park in their own way. (FX & Fox, respectively)
  5. The Late, Late Show - I haven't been a late night TV watcher with any consistency since Letterman moved to CBS, but James Corden is winning over me where Fallon, Kimmel, Myers, and even his predecessor, Ferguson, couldn't set the hook on me. Each have, or had, their moments. I wish he'd nudge a bit into the Jon Stewart space, but Colbert will be coming along soon and, on paper at least, they should be a devastating one-two punch. (CBS)
  6. iZombie - Loved the first season. Secretly hope it's got bigger scope in mind, advancing a bit beyond the weekly procedural. Not that it couldn't keep up like it's been going, but I think of how Dollhouse was about to make that leap from being episodic with a bigger story slowly emerging, to totally going apeshit and lowering the boom and wonder how long this show can keep the lid on its zombie outbreak. I'm not advocating it turn into The Walking Dead, these are a different kind of zombie, and their apocalypse could be something fare more intriguing ...
I haven't looked to far ahead to see what might be worth looking forward to in terms of new scripted series, but aim to check out Poldark on Masterpiece tomorrow, hoping it will fill the gap left by Wolf Hall

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