Friday, June 5, 2015

Ted Cruz Being Ted Cruz

Hey Ted Cruz, Why Don’t You Shove Your Joe Biden ‘Jokes’ Right Up Your Bible Hole? | Wonkette:

What a shame Cruz had forgotten just how bad he felt for the Bidens — Cruz is a father too, so we’d expect he might be able to imagine how painful it would be to lose a child, if Cruz were made of human parts —but at least he damage-controlled that unfortunate error in judgment, so it’s all better now. In fact, let’s all praise Ted Cruz for doing the right thing. “Good on him,” wrote reporter Janell Ross at the Washington Post. Yeah, takes a real big man — who talks incessantly about his faith, which we’ve heard is about kindness and compassion, but maybe we’re wrong about that — to recycle a joke, about a man who is grieving his son who just died, and then say “Oops, sorry about that. My bad.”
He didn't really apologize, he fake apologized for the "timing" of the joke.

Look, I get it -- it's politics and these guys have speech writers and they give the same speech over and over again. Taking potshots at your rivals is part of the bullshit game our politicians love to play instead of doing the serious work of serving the public to promote general welfare. But, after this happened, when what he had done was pointed out to him, he had a chance to offer a genuine apology right there, and he blew it off. He blew it off and walked away. He didn't make that weak ass, fake apology until he'd be roundly castigated and had to in order to get the thing to blow over.

I had no respect for Ted Cruz as public servant, or a human being, to lose, so it's not like he's done anything but confirm what an asshole he is, yet again. The point is only that it's long past time news organizations stopped offering a microphone for him to speak into, or paying any attention to him at all. He should be ignored, and told, firmly and forcefully, to shut the fuck up and let the adults deal with the issues when he does pipe up.

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