Monday, May 11, 2015

#TenYearsLater If You Could Teach the World Just One Thing ...

That's a ten-year-old blogpost I can polish off a bit and fix the link for. So, here's that old post in the c-i-e post format I've settled into:

If You Could Teach the World Just One Thing ...

... And now, here is the most difficult thing that I wish people understood. True design can never be an ultimate explanation for anything, because the designer himself is left unexplained. Designers are statistically improbable things, and trying to explain them as made by prior designers is ultimately futile, because it leads to an infinite regress. 
Natural selection escapes the infinite regress, because it starts simple, and works up gradually - step by step - to statistical improbability, and the illusion of design. 

The link in the OP was dead, but spiked-online is still going strong.

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