Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In #NC, women are found to be much smarter than men

Obama slightly ahead in NC - Public Policy Polling:

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PPP's newest North Carolina poll continues to find an extremely close race for President in the state, with Barack Obama at 49% to 46% for Mitt Romney. PPP started monthly polling of this contest in November of 2010 and Obama and Romney have now been within 3 points of each 21 of the last 22 months.
Interesting, but Nate Silver's got NC as 73% likely to go for Romney, so I'm skeptical of PPP's numbers.

Guys. What up?
And he's only down 58-38 with white voters ...
"Only ..."?!  Oh right, because it's a amazing to anyone not in the South that there's more than a handful of white guys in North Carolina who aren't hiding away their End Apathy albums until the next mass shooting makes everyone forget about this last one.

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