Monday, August 6, 2012

Another entry in the long history of "Hairy Looking Thing Must Be a Sasquatch" pictures

Did a Canadian trapper capture an amazingly clear photo of Bigfoot? | Blastr:

Is it just me or is this cryptid posing seductively?
"I know this person. They are a dogsledder and would in no way be the type to try to fool around with fake pictures. They actually think it's a bear and cub but for some reason they only have one photo. Strange."
Well, if they're a dogsledder, say no more. Folks, we're not talking about some turnip-chomping hillbilly yahoo, we're talking about a dogsledder. (Although I think they prefer to be called mushers.) The Iditarod is certified 100% clean, don't you know? They may beat the living fuck out their dogs and leave them to die after exhausting them (or eat them), but they would never try to trick anyone.

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