Friday, June 1, 2012

#EAv | Playing Empire Avenue with EavNet

This post is for my fellow players. I find myself explaining every so often how I'm buying back in my shareholders and occasionally find someone who is unfamiliar with the benefits of using for portfolio management in the game. So, below is a screencap to explain how I'm using EavNet to buy back sorted by dividend yield.

Click for full-size image
There's another tool I may eventually switch to when my daily dividend is larger and the ability to make multiple buys become necessary: Dr. David's insideEAv. Currently, my ~50,000e/day dividend payout doesn't allow me to match or max in more than a handful of players any given day, but I think in time, I as I max in the more established players and my daily payout continues to increase, I'll want to be able to buy up to my max in several players at at time, and that's where this other tool will come in handy.  EavNet offers the same functionality, but as a paid feature and I'm not looking to add any more bills.

I don't only buy back, though that's where most of my eaves go each day. When I'm doing missions, I typically use those eaves to invest in new players. I also run an EAster egg on this blog every so often and need to salt away eaves to pay out the reward for finding it. I may even come back and stick one on this post some day ...

[Edit 7/3/2012: It's back for the holiday!]
[Edit 7/6/2012: It got claimed! Check back later.]
[Edit 9/28/2012: It's back!]
[Edit 1/27/2013: Gone for now. Check back later.]

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