Friday, June 22, 2012

Cary News's "Renaissance man" assessment of Fuquay-Varina video game developer may be a bit over-the-top. (At least premature.)

Cary News | Fuquay-Varina video game developer is Renaissance man

Fuquay-Varina resident David Klingler, 20, developed every piece of the newly-released video game; from each piece of the code, to each handwritten drawing and graphic, to each musical note, many of them played by Klingler himself, an award-winning Scottish fiddler.
A homer, always cheering for a local kid to make it big, I started looking into this with high hopes from based on the Cary News write-up (by the way, would it have killed those guys to put a link in the article?) but when I tracked it down my reaction was: well, maybe the sample on indie games doesn't do it justice?  Unfortunately, the overall aesthetic didn't hook me or make we want to take a chance on this game.

Regardless, here's wishing Mr. Kingler, much success going forward. It's clear from his post-mortem that he learned quite a bit about the process of putting a game together and I expect his next project will benefit from those lessons.

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