Thursday, May 10, 2012

Foucault's Biopower, #AmendmentOne, #Secularism, And You

Philosophy Bro: Biopower and You: A General Summary According to Michel Foucault

Bio-power image via Rethinking Music Therapy of all places

So what's the problem? "Healthier, happier people? More caring state? This sounds great!" And that's exactly the fucking problem. That sounds great, but what exactly is healthier and happier? Who gets to decide that? You? Your buddy Steve? Fuck you, and fuck Steve. Biopower is literally power over your body, my body, er'rybody's body; the state gets involved in everything - health, labor, education, your goddamn sex life, and it tells you what you can and can't, should and shouldn't do, and it backs it up with guns. And if you're all, "Hey, uh, I don't feel more healthy and productive," well there's an easy answer for that! "Oh, you don't? Hm... well, uh, how about fuck you. You just have the wrong ideas. Glad that's all cleared up!"
Because it's what I do lately, I make it about Amendment One, dive into Bro's comments, and make my usual argument for secularism.
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