Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Artist totally ought to incorporate the #GlasgowKiss into his Santa series!

Student art attacks commercial spirit of Christmas | Education |

Image Darren Cullen
While the rest of the country is obsessing, or studiously ignoring, the impending general election, Glasgow art student Darren Cullen has bigger things on his mind. Tomorrow he will unveil a 6.10m x 3.5m (20ft x 10ft) billboard on one of the city's main roads appealing to parents to "Stop lying to your children about Santa Claus". 
The poster, which features a slightly demonic looking Father Christmas looming over a small boy, is part of the art student's campaign to put an end to the commercialisation of Christmas and to launch an attack on the advertising industry's targeting of children. "Santa gives more to rich kids than poor kids," declares the poster, which will be on Glasgow's Balmore Road.
My wife will appreciate this after some discussions we had when our kids were infants where I, before agreeing to play and hoodwink them with a secularized Santa, had floated the idea never trying to blow smoke up their arses with Santas, Tooth Fairies, malevolent supernatural demanding worship in return for a chance at dodging eternal torture, etc.

(That last we were in full agreement about not inflicting on them, by the way; there was never any question about that! We're mischievous, not cruel.)

You guys remember what a Glasgow Kiss is, yeah?

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