Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Concern trolls" giving too much credence to persecution whining re: Dan Savage's spot-on comments.

The flip out over Dan Savage is part of a larger agenda to silence pro-gay discourse.

Dan Savage
What Savage was clearly saying was that it's homophobes who are presenting a false dilemma with their claims that you have to denounce homosexuality to be a Christian. He was pointing out that it's easy to reconcile pro-gay sentiment and Christianity by just doing what Christians are already doing when it comes to shellfish and slavery, which is preferring their own moral judgment over the Bible.
Also, notably and thankfully, being ignored by Christians ... the bits about killing all atheists and Jesus's insistence that Mosaic law be followed and disobedient children be put to death, Mark 7:5-10, a pretty hilarious section. (Jesus: "Making fun of me because I don't wash my hands before I eat? Screw you guys. Why don't you go kill your brats like you're supposed to? You insufficiently monstrous, hand-washing-like-you're-some-kind-of-fancy-pants Pharisees!")

Apologists of the Jesus character conveniently forget about all the times he preached hatred and violence by keeping to all that Exodus and Leviticus crap.

Joking around a bit, I don't want to obscure the linked articles larger point, that if we let homophobes frame criticism of their bigotry as persecution of Christians, they win. And losers shouldn't be winning.

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