Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"American Dreamers" looks back at the history of the Left in the U.S., finds today to be the nadir. Atheists partly to blame?!

American Dreamers — By Michael Kazin — Book Review -

The left generally failed, according to Kazin, when it emphasized atheism, collectivism and ideological purity. It has been more successful when taking the form of broad, heterogeneous movements struggling for individual rights. Witness the rise of gay marriage, arguably today’s most effective left-leaning social campaign. Viewed as a utopian dream, it promises to transform the institution of marriage. But viewed as a civil rights matter, it simply aims to include more people in an existing institution.

In the history of the 20th century left, atheists are getting lumped in with the Stalinists?! Ugh. Pariah status affirmed.

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